sysinstall bashing

Jon Schneider jon at
Sat Feb 23 15:19:23 GMT 2002

Having downloaded and created all of the 4.5 discs I am staggered 
to learn that in order to install packages with sysinstall you have to 
know which one has the package you want before starting 
sysinstall. I don't know what happens if there are dependancies for 
something on other CDs.

Shouldn't sysinstall present a complete list of 4.5 packages, know 
what's where on disc1/disc3/disc4, prompt for them intelligently 
while trying to minimise media changes ? It might be nice if this 
intelligence was built into pkg_add so I could do

pkg_add --i-have-all-the-cds something
pkg_add --i-have-just-cd1-fall-back-to-a-uk-ftp-server something

Am I missing something ?

In the meantime I guess I need to grab the list of each and keep 
them handy. Or just collect the packages I might want for an install 
soon on another CD.

So maybe using an ftp site is easier after all given the bandwidth. 
Would it be too much to ask that sysinstall remembers that I like 
to use maybe-passive ftp to ftp<n> or do I need to write a 
sysinstall script to achieve that ?

I am aware of the PKG_PATH environment variable and that 
sysinstall has a script thing.


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