DNS Planning in a pub...

John Murphy jfm at blueyonder.co.uk
Fri Feb 22 21:11:07 GMT 2002

Paul Robinson <paul at iconoplex.co.uk> wrote:

>Well, I still think 'Marmite' is a great name (you either love it or you=
 >hate it, and from the plans we've come up with I suspect that's what peop=
>will feel when they see it). Although other naming suggestions included:
>Manchester DNS (but we where scared people might think it had something to=
 >do with Manchester encoding or something)
>Manky (as in Mancunian)
>LOG (as in Lass O'Gowrie)
>Lambert & Butler (we were getting drunk by now)
>Cross & Blackwell (and still a bit peckish)
>C*cksucker (to cause interesting arguments when management ask what DNS=20
>server you're running)
>Wiggy's really great, dead ace, DNS server (because it's mine! all mine!)
>err... that's it.
>So, for now, it has no name. I did suggest amnesiac but I think that might=
 >send out the wrong messages for a name server.

Just to add another possibility - hows about SpeeDNS

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