SSH Clients

Brian Somers brian at
Fri Feb 22 14:06:46 GMT 2002

> OK read the thread and the general feeling is
> 1 Why use SSH1 when 2 is available

Because up until very recently, ssh-agent didn't work with ssh2.

> 2 Don't enable SSH1 fallback in SSH2
> 3 People make money from selling products and services ( Sorry but that sort of thing 
> pays my bills )
> 4 It's OK to log into a server running SSH1 ( of course it is. the sysadmin has the 
> problems not the clients)
> That's what I got from the thread but I could have miss some thing

I think it's important to note that recent versions of OpenSSH don't 
have any vulnerabilities (that I know of).  However, even the latest 
versions of ssh(1) from have exploitable vulnerabilities.

I think, as you say, there are no reasons left for people not going 
with ssh2.  In most cases, it's just a matter of getting the time to 
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