Telnet's are slow!!!!!

Paul Robinson paul at
Fri Feb 22 10:47:43 GMT 2002

On Feb 21, Josef Karthauser <joe at> wrote:

> I think that I agree with you, but I still use putty because it's a
> single binary .exe file and so is easy to run in hostile locations,
> whereas teraterm is a whole collection of files.

'Hostile locations'? Like Cybercafes? :-)

I agree putty is nice too, but by default backspace should be set to ^H not=
^? and it should assume the connection will be ssh not telnet straight away=
Yes, easy to change, but when I'm in 'hostile locations' I get fed up of=20
constantly changing those settings. Otherwise it's a very cool little piece=
of software.

Paul Robinson

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