GXN/Freenetname and bind 8.3

Steven Fletcher flec at flec.co.uk
Tue Feb 19 23:30:56 GMT 2002

On 19 Feb 2002 13:46:01 +0000, Simon Dick wrote:

>Well, considering the freenetname DNS servers were written in house
>there, it's very possible that there's something they don't like with
>the latest bind, I know it took ages for them to work with the MS DNS

I suspected as much, but nevertheless that's some useful information to
know. Thanks.

>server. Your best bet would be to send that to the tech support people
>and hope it gets passed on to someone in the technie dept (if there's
>anyone left there :)

*grin*, already tried via a customer of ours.
I can imagine that the front-line support took one look at said tcpdump,
didn't understand it, and have just binned the email. True story: I once
contacted 9netave tech support regards a possible UK/US routing issue,
to be told that the primary & secondary servers on a domain name I
didn't even run wern't 9netave's, and that was causing the problem.

In other words: not my problem, so I'm not going to spend inordinate
amounts of time chasing it up... if I can get some evidence of this
happening from other places, then I'll fire it off to them and forget
about it. :)

Thanks for the info

-Steven Fletcher

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