[joe at tao.org.uk: Re: errrmm !!. Dear jim could you fix it for me :)]

Robin Melville robmel at innotts.co.uk
Tue Feb 19 11:26:23 GMT 2002

At 10:43 am +0000 19/2/02, Sam Smith wrote:
>On Tue, 19 Feb 2002, Josef Karthauser wrote:
>>  Sam Smith did a fair amount of work on it over the weekend.  I think
>>  that the dangling references are now all gone.  (still waiting for the
>>  new look and feel though).
>More specifically, the style sheet that is there is a a bit
>naff. Please give us a better one. All of the website should
>use the styles etc defined in the stylesheet. If they don't,
>that's a bug and it needs fixing.
>Then we need more content (and for that, we need ideas...
>anyone?) .

A search in the mailing archives would be good... ht/dig?

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