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Andrew Boothman andrew at cream.org
Fri Feb 15 16:07:23 GMT 2002

Dominic Marks wrote:

>I don't suppose you could give me a hint on how and where I could
>apply for a summer job at the BBC, last few Ive had have been at
>similar Government related institutions and have all been
>great - I'm curious if the BBC offer similar things.


I applied for a Sponsorship/Summer Placement through the BBC's 
Engineering and Information Technology scheme. Unfortunately the 
application deadline for this round was 30th December 2001, and the BBC 
have removed information about it from their web site now I think. I 
could e-mail you the PDF if you want to have a look at the information 

Jonathan, I didn't see anything in here related to Internet Services, is 
this not the right scheme to try and get into your department? :-)

I'm really interested in getting involved in your sort of work. I'm 
currently a 2nd year Computer Science student at University of 
Edinburgh, and I'd love to get a related job/sponsorship/etc. over the 



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