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Josef Karthauser joe at tao.org.uk
Fri Feb 15 05:53:00 GMT 2002

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If anyone's interested in listening in, the FreeBSD summit meeting later
today will be broadcast live over the net if you've got enough bandwidth
to listen to it.  It will be a 32kb/s stream so you should be fine with
a 56k modem or better.

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Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 05:50:12 +0000
From: Josef Karthauser <joe at tao.org.uk>
To: FreeBSD developers <developers at freebsd.org>
Subject: Announcement: FreeBSD Summit Live NetCast.

Dear all,

Assuming that we have a prevailing wind I will be broadcasting the
FreeBSD summit meeting live from sunny Brighton UK, the location
of the European BSD conference last November. An international
call will get the audio as far as my modem, where it will be injected
into an mp3 encoder and then relayed back across the Atlantic to
ftp2.freebsd.org where it will be available for everyone to listen
to live.

You can listen in by using mpg123 (in the ports) from the command line:

	mpg123 http://ftp2.freebsd.org:8000/summit

There will be a test signal running there on and off (mostly on)
throughout the period up until the meeting starts. Feel free to
connect and make sure that everything works as expected.

I plan also to make an archive available after the event has finished;
I'll announce where it will be later.

Below then is the schedule as published by Robert Watson earlier
today. These times are in PST, so the things should start proper
at 5pm GMT.

Please feel free to share the URL with friends and colleagues. I'm
assured that ftp2.freebsd.org has in excess of 200mb/s of spare
bandwidth. The audio streams will be 32kb/s each so we should be
able to support thousands of streams if necessary.

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    The tentative schedule is attached below.  We will be attempting to sti=
    to the schedule, and will use the Big Stick as needed.

    Robert N M Watson             FreeBSD Core Team, TrustedBSD Project
    robert at fledge.watson.org      NAI Labs, Safeport Network Services

    Friday, February 15

     8:30am to  9:00 - Meet & Light Breakfast
     9:00   to  9:50 - KObj Inheritance (gibbs)
    10:00   to 10:50 - Platforms/Architectures
		       - 5 minutes on each architecture: status and roadmap
			 - PowerPC
			 - IA-64
			 - x86-64
			 - sparc64
			 - arm?
		       - 10 minutes for toolchain roadmap
		       - 20 minutes for questions / buffer
    11:00   to 11:25 - Geom (tentative)
    11:25   to 11:50 - Networking Architecture (tentative)
    12:00pm to 12:50 - TrustedBSD (tentative)
    12:50   to  2:00 - Lunch
     2:00   to  2:25 - KSE (tentative)
     2:25   to  2:50 - SMPng (tentative)
     3:00   to  3:50 - devd and devfsd
     4:00   to  4:50 - 5.0 developer snapshot (tentative)
     4:55   to  5:00 - Get kicked out of the room
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