installing KDE

David Foulis dbfpyro at
Wed Feb 13 16:43:34 GMT 2002

I just read your last emails.(natalie) , that you installed quanta, it does
need kde libraries otherwise the ports edition wouldn't load them all as
So I presume you had already installed the kde libraries from the disc.
By the way I don't see why it has to be "either/ or" with gnome and kde,
I've got gnome with sawfish and in the main menu there is "KDE menus"
automatically when its installed.
Koffice is not on the disc (has to be ported).
There are lots of changes 4.4/4.5 , samba doesn't appear to be on the disc
(at least I didn't find it) although it's quite important I think (nearly
everybody has a mixture between windows and unix like stuff).
But webmin is in the ports now (it wasn't in on 4.4) and it's a really good
thing for setting up network things.
This is getting too long as well, it should be question / answer in this
group and not generally talking about things so I'll stop here.
? How do I get in the chat thing ??
I'll try it later after eating.

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