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David Foulis dbfpyro at
Wed Feb 13 15:33:45 GMT 2002

Hullo again
I hope the installations working.
I think that out of all these problems with this installation there is
something very positive happened. A lot has been learned.
I found that with FreeBSD there are so many ways to do the same thing (all
roads lead to Rome though).
I installed 4.5 on my new board (at last something faster) and set it up to
suit me.
Then I decided that I'd leave the firewall (pentium 120) with 4.4, no x, ipf
& nat.
I had however another pentium 120 which is a bridge from coaxial network to
10baseT and it had 4.4 on it, I had to change a disc on it so I decided to
reinstall completely and as I have a very small disc for / (root) [121Mb] and
then other bigger ones it somehow left my /etc stuff alone (good) and I
installed a small amount of x/gnome/kern developer.
Then I saw this bit about quanta and decided !super! I need something like
that and did make install (ports).
Oh dear I'd forgotten that quanta needs KDE so it downloaded for hours and
hours (dependencies) and it's still compiling now (I *have* to get ASDL soon).
I learned that porting is very stable if the connection gets broken it says
it can't get the file then it tells you to try to get the tarball by hand and
try again.
If you then reestablish the connection and just write in the same as before
(make install or anything that is needed) it nips through the bits its
already done and carries on as if nothing happened.
Even if the computer gets switched off in the middle of a compiling bit if
you restart and don't change anything and do make install then it picks up
where it left off fine.

The only thing that I had problems with was porting opera (a fast light
browser) which didn't work with 4.4 but now works with 4.5.
So there are lots of methods to get the same effect. This email is too long.

David B Foulis
dbfpyro at
0041 52 720 89 59

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