installing KDE

Paul Robinson paul at
Wed Feb 13 13:19:10 GMT 2002

On Feb 13, Natalie Ford <natalie at> wrote:

> All I need to aks now is how to run kde instead of gnome (and vice
> versa) ?  :)

In your home directory there should be a file called .xinitrc (note the 
preceeding '.') - in there to start KDE, it should read:

exec startkde

And that's it. When you next run 'startx' it will start KDE up as well and 
it should 'just work'. I don't know about putting it back to GNOME as I've 
never run it, but I would imagine if you've been running GNOME, then the 
contents of this file before the change should give you a clue as to what 
you need. :-)

Paul Robinson

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