installing KDE

Paul Civati paul at
Wed Feb 13 13:05:27 GMT 2002

Natalie Ford <natalie at> wrote:

> running make for quanta...  i assume i then need to make install?

I should think so.

There should be an INSTALL file that says what to do?

> gawd this fbsd stuff is complicated!  :)

Well, it shouldn't be quite so, for what you want to do, but you've
had odd problems, ie. the core dumping.

> any chance of us starting an IRC channel in the near future?  this
> may have been quicker to sort out on irc.  i will ask if
> we can run a channel on their server while our server is down...

We could do I suppose, might be nice to have a UK channel, otherwise
there should be #freebsd channels on IRCnet and EFnet.


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