My bad luck installing kde

Peter McGarvey pmcgarvey at
Tue Feb 12 15:27:42 GMT 2002

On Tuesday 12 February 2002 15:06 pm, Michael Pye wrote:
> On Tue, 12 Feb 2002 12:49:07 +0000, Natalie Ford wrote:
> >Looks like the kde port is currentyl broken, then :)
> I don't want to start a 'gnome vs kde' war, or even tell you to switch
> (as you appear to have invested considerable time in attempting to get
> kde working), but why kde as oppose to gnome ?
> FreeBSD core team seem to be promoting gnome , i.e.
> I found it fairly easy to gnome running on 4.4 by installing the gnome
> meta-package from the cd.

I've had both KDE and GNOME working by installing from the packages on the 
CD.  But I much prefer to install from source which is why I personally 
settled on KDE.  I never sucessfully managed to get GNOME up and running 
from the ports.  Whereas I have (obviously) managed a port install for KDE 
on several occasions.

And the other reason I picked KDE is that I found GNOME could be a touch 

However, before the world and his dog flame me I should just point out 
that my opinions on GNOME and KDE were formed quite a while ago so I'm 
perfectly willing to admit that things are now different.

Now there is a FreeBSD GNOME porting project I may just give GNOME another 
go some day.  But not untill I can get it up an running via the ports 


Peter McGarvey
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