Paul Robinson paul at
Tue Feb 12 13:42:51 GMT 2002

On Feb 12, Rik <rik at> wrote:

> Oh, I hadn't thought anything of it yet, aside from having a similar
> layout to djbdns, but being more compatible with the rest of the world.
> I'm wide open to suggestion. Care to scribble some stuff down and bring
> notes to the UG, or will everyone look at us funny and get annoyed we're
> talking about semi-work?

OK, I'm mad busy at the moment clearing down on a bunch of contract work, 
and getting ready to go onto another contract, AND try and get some stuff 
sorted out for some students at UMIST AND try to get a load of other bits 
and bobs tidied up, but at some point in the next week I WILL sit down and 
sketch out some ideas.

As for people looking at us funny, well I'm used to that. :-) A few weeks
ago I had a pad of paper and a pen and was trying to explain CORBA to
somebody in the middle of the pub whilst trying to also keep an eye on a
Chelsea game (had a bet on it - would never support the prawn-sandwich
brigade), and not doing a very good job of it. Oh yeah, we spent half an
hour (drunkenly) talking about FPGAs as well. My notepad has some *very*
strange diagrams in it. :-)

Paul Robinson

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