Natalie Ford natalie at
Tue Feb 12 10:45:33 GMT 2002

Dear all,

Thank you all again for all the constructive help I have recieved
from the list.

Just to let you know, I have done a make world (etc.) and now have
4.5 on the PC, but the make for kde still core dumps.

Also, I heard on a different forum that someone here thinks I got
'all sniffy' on the list.  All I can think of in this regard is that
I try to be calm and considered in my email writing and that I was
calm and considered when insulted on the list.

It would have been nice to be told personally that I was considered
'sniffy', but never mind.

I will continue to be subscribed to the list and hope that I can
help out in the ways that Joe and I have discussed.

If this email is considered 'sniffy', that is probably because I have
considered my words carefully and not flown off the handle...  :)

Natalie Ford .................................. natalie at

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