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Sun Feb 10 00:00:18 GMT 2002

On Fri, Feb 08, 2002 at 12:45:49PM +0000, Paul Robinson wrote:
> On Feb  8, Dominic Marks <dominic_marks at> wrote:
> > I *strongly* suggest you don't use wu-ftpd. It's security record is
> > diabolical.
> There are two opinions on this - that bad security history means you
> shouldn't run that code, or that it means you *should* run it. The fact that

... or, you could use an ftpd designed secure from the beginning,
written by someone who's used to writing secure code. An example would
be vsftpd. I like it, and it is what I use on the one server I have
where FTP is enabled. Lukemftpd also looks good, from readmes.

An example of an ftp to *not* use is DJB's publicfile.  I have a whole
rant about it, which I will send out, if people want.

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