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This may be of some interest to some of you folks.

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To: storm-announce at storm.FreeBSD.org.uk
Subject: storm downtime
Date: Sat, 09 Feb 2002 13:33:25 +0000
From: Brian Somers <brian at freebsd-services.com>


storm.FreeBSD.org.uk went down on Thursday morning at 10:20 due to a=20
disk failure (da0).  The disk contained /usr/obj, /tmp and /home.

The last /home backup was completed at 7:27 on Feb 6.

The machine has now been restored and is populating it's repositories=20
(they're not backed up), so various daemon processes are still down.

This means that anything that was done on /home between 7:27 on Feb 6=20
and 10:20 on Feb 7 has been lost.  Hopefully this won't inconvenience=20
people too much.  If anybody was working on the bsdgroups or pubcvs=20
repositories, then their work has been lost *unless* they installed=20
their work (to /usr/local/www/* ?).  If this is the case, please take=20
care to re-commit the work.

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