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Rik rik at
Fri Feb 8 01:34:22 GMT 2002

On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 10:13:24PM +0000, Ben Paley wrote:
> I'll stick to my question: I don't have /etc/make.conf. If I make one with 
> just that line in it, will that work?

Yes. The way I've been making /etc/make.conf is by copying
/etc/defaults/make.conf and editing, then removing everything beginning
with a "#", and everything I haven't changed.

For reference, I have the SUP_UPDATE section uncommented and filled in
(allows make update in /usr/{src,ports,doc}), FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS,
WITH_SSL=yes, WITH_MUTT_SSL=yes, CFLAGS and a couple of system specific
things (no uucp, no X on the server, no sendmail, etc). I also have one
other thing that I'm passing on, specifically for shell machines:

# Override insecure console check for opie. Let the users decide for
# themselves whether they're secure or not.
.if ${.CURDIR} == "/usr/src/contrib/opie"
.if ${.CURDIR} == "/usr/src/usr.bin/opieinfo"
.if ${.CURDIR} == "/usr/src/usr.bin/opiekey"
.if ${.CURDIR} == "/usr/src/usr.bin/opiepasswd"

Without that in /etc/make.conf, you have to be sat at the console, or
some other "secure" device to make OPIE passwords. Aparently, ssh isn't
secure enough...

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