Freebsd-users digest, Vol 1 #886 - 12 msgs

Ben Paley rambhai at
Thu Feb 7 22:13:24 GMT 2002

Dominic Mitchell wrote:

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 04:29:31PM +0000, Mark Blackman wrote:
>> Use the "-rR" flags with "fetch" for this kind of
>> restart behaviour. i.e.
>> fetch -rR
>> for ports use
>> make install FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS="-rR"
>Note that you can default this by adding the line:
>        FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS="-rR"
>to /etc/make.conf.

Excellent. I've been using -rR for downloading for a while (56k modem), but 
didn't know how to automate it... so I'd even start make, then interrupt it 
once I saw what the URL is... err, I might be embarrassing myself now, so 
I'll stick to my question: I don't have /etc/make.conf. If I make one with 
just that line in it, will that work? Or could I set it as an environment 
variable so /every/ fetch assumed -rR?


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