A couple of things.

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Thu Feb 7 13:48:02 GMT 2002

On Feb  7, rodney edwards <rod at poptel.net> wrote:

> Any good links/resources for clustering with FreeBSD all I can find so
> far is clustering with Linux.

I was on -cluster for over a year and there were about 6 posts in that
period. To be honest, what people mean by 'clustering' varies quite a bit -
most people don't really want clustering, they want server load balancing
which is completely different. For true clustering, PVM is probably your
weapon of choice, and for SLB there are plenty of third-party add-ons like
eddie and vrrp (both in ports) that will help you do what you want if you
need to do cheap SLB.
> In the archives it mentions a FreeBSD Manchester group. Does anyone have
> any more details.

Next meeting, IIRC is 19th Feb in the Lass'o'Gowrie down the side of the BBC
at around 7pm-ish. I can't recall the URL right now, but I'm sure Sam Smith
will post it up with other details. It's only been going two months and so
to describe attendance as 'variable' is probably impatient, but last time
out it involved me and Sam, UMIST computation guy, couple of people from
Akita (my old employer, and I think you know them anyway), and a stray
cross-over from Manchester 2600 - in fact, for me it was like a regular
evening in the pub as I drink with them all regularly anyway. Time before
that was a bit more of a geographic spread and some more people from this
list showed up. Oh, I already know for certain some guys from UMIST CUS are
turning up next time as well, 2 days before the next CUS meeting. In fact, I
am now spending more time at socials and user group meetings than I do at
home whilst awake. :-) Well, OK, maybe not.

Paul Robinson

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