[kde-freebsd] Re: I thought I had subscribed but have had no mail...

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Thu Feb 7 12:38:04 GMT 2002

On Feb  7, Natalie Ford <natalie at ourshack.com> wrote:

> I prefer FreeBSD already as a user.  I just don't know how to admin
> it properly, yet.  :)

I've been doing Unix for the last 6 years, have been employed as a senior
admin and run around a NOC with a few hundred servers in it for 12 months,
travelled all over the place and done consultancy and am now a contractor,
and *I* am not sure if I know how to admin FBSD properly yet. I'm not even
convinced most of core know how to admin it properly... :-)
> It is just that, if I can't get this working, it might be quicker
> to use RH which I do know a bit about and have books about.

Like I say, a lot of people find it easier to bootstrap their Unix fondness 
on Linux and make the change further down the road.
> > If I get time I'll burn up a CD for you and I can send it on to you via
> > snail mail. Several on the list have made similar offers. Having the CDs
> > really *does* help a lot for this sort of thing, as does a local copy of the
> > Handbook to refer to.
> Yes please!  TIA...

I'll see what I can do - mad busy this week, but I'll try and sort something 
out ASAP.
> No real point building my CV - I have M.S. and am signed off unfit
> for work indefinitely (well, unable to promise an employer (or
> customer for freelance work) that I won't get ill for months at a
> time with no notice, actually).

If you have lots of spare time, perhaps we should try and get you upto speed 
as quickly as possible so you can help out with release engineering. :-)
> I don't have Mandrake handy and would love to get FreeBSD working
> - really I would!  :)

Fairy Nuff.

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