installing KDE

Natalie Ford natalie at
Thu Feb 7 12:20:11 GMT 2002

On Thu, Feb 07, 2002 at 12:00:30PM +0100, David Foulis wrote:
> I've just read some of the things that were written recently about KDE and I
> think the best really is to get a 4.4 (or it will soon be 4.5) copy of the
> cd.
> I first installed BSD from a cd that I got with a magazine (unfortunately
> it's a german magazine called PC Magazin so you won't find it in UK, which
> doesn't help much).
> However I installed the complete KDE thing and it was very straightforward,
> and worked straight off (with # /stand/sysinstall then install software
> packages, and so on).
> If this problem carries on and is not already solved, I could send you a
> copy.
> Then I would suggest to do the complete install from the beginning.

Would that mean I lose any data?  Would I need to reformat?
It would be great if someone could send me a set of CD's.  TIA...

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