[kde-freebsd] Re: I thought I had subscribed but have had no mail...

Rik rik at spoon.pkl.net
Wed Feb 6 16:25:31 GMT 2002

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 03:48:01PM +0000, Natalie Ford wrote:
> I have a problem using that method.  My isp disconnects me after 2
> hours.  The ETA on the first get (kde-i18n-2.2.2.tgz) is for nearly
> three hours.  :(

Urgh. Stupid ISPs that disconnect you after 2 hours.

If you have a friend with a DSL or cable connection and a CD writer, you
can have them download the packages and write them to CD. You can then
pkg_add them from the CD.

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