[kde-freebsd] Re: I thought I had subscribed but have had no mail...

Natalie Ford natalie at ourshack.com
Wed Feb 6 15:48:01 GMT 2002

On Wed, Feb 06, 2002 at 10:48:02AM +0000, Natalie Ford wrote:
> I will try the packages method that you also described later...
> Fingers crossed...

I have a problem using that method.  My isp disconnects me after 2
hours.  The ETA on the first get (kde-i18n-2.2.2.tgz) is for nearly
three hours.  :(

It looks like I will have to be content with running gnome.  A pity,
really, because I wanted to run a KDE only application...  :(

One of you guys mentioned using the CD/DVD's?  I don't have any,
and I am not sure this CD drive will work with DVD's.  So, that is
not an option either.

To summarise:

- the ports method of installing kde causes a core dump during the
  build of qt.
- I can't download the packages to use the package method because
  the first one (an possibly the others) will timeout when my ISP
  disconnects me after 2 hours.
- I do not have any FreeBSD CD or DVD.  ex-hubby has custody of those.

Natalie Ford .................................. natalie at ourshack.com

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