4.5 laptop woes

mark.stewart at bacs.co.uk mark.stewart at bacs.co.uk
Tue Feb 5 11:58:26 GMT 2002

I run 4=2E3 and get exactly the same error on my laptop with a xircom ethernet
card=2E (intermitantly that is :(, I put it down to flakey drivers)

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Subject:    4=2E5 laptop woes
Author: dan at afx=2Eorg=2Euk
Date:       05/02/2002 11:37 AM

Hi all

Is anyone out there running 4=2E4\4=2E5 on a laopt with a Xircom Realport
pcmcia card (ethernet + modem jobby)
ive just installed 4=2E5 on my tecra 8100 (sick to death of linux and its
crappy faults) and it managed to find the card, yet i keep on getting

xe0: watchdog timeout; resetting card

i can assign a ip address etc, yet this error keeps on popping up


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