4.5 laptop woes

Jonathan Perkin sketch at rd.bbc.co.uk
Tue Feb 5 11:36:06 GMT 2002

On Tue Feb 05, 2002 at 11:24:55AM +0000, Dan Cuthbert wrote:

> Is anyone out there running 4.4\4.5 on a laopt with a Xircom Realport
> pcmcia card (ethernet + modem jobby)
> ive just installed 4.5 on my tecra 8100 (sick to death of linux and its
> crappy faults) and it managed to find the card, yet i keep on getting
> xe0: watchdog timeout; resetting card
> i can assign a ip address etc, yet this error keeps on popping up

Sounds vaguely similar to the issues I had with my Intel EtherExpress
using the xe(4) driver.  Wasn't until recently it was actually
supported by FreeBSD (blessing in disguise I guess, found NetBSD was
superb for laptops :) and even when it did work I got the watchdog
stuff and I don't think I ever got traffic sent across it.

I grabbed 4.5 last night so I might try that soon, but my guess is that
the xe driver is just a bit shaky.

 Jonathan Perkin - BBC Internet Services - <sketch at rd.bbc.co.uk>

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