/ getting full during "make buildworld" for 4.5

Charlie Brewster ecliptica.ww at virgin.net
Tue Feb 5 00:58:38 GMT 2002

I'm trying to upgrade from 4.4 to 4.5 using cvsup and "make buildworld" et
seq. and I'm seeing it crash due to running out of space on the /
filesystem. Previous upgrade builds have gone mostly OK, although I had to
manually move files around to free up space in / with 4.3 to 4.4. This time
I cleared out as much as possible before starting the build, but there just
isn't enough space allocated for the root filesystem.

I originally partitioned single 6GB hard drive in the Box using sysinstall
defaults with 4.0 and have it configured as follows:

ad0s1a	/ 	  50 MB
ad0sib	swap	 261 MB
ados1e	/var	  20 MB
ad0s1f	/usr	5857 MB

With hindsight I probably should have made / and possibly /var larger (yes,
I've had /var run out of space as well where I'd saved log files from
earlier make buildworlds), or just put everything apart from swap into one
big partition/slice.

Am I correct in thinking that there's no way of reslicing/partitioning a
FreeBSD hard drive as I might, for example with MS DOS and Partition Magic?

On one of the newsgroup archives I saw a reference to being able to do a
workaround by setting up symbolic links. How might I set this up so that
files being created during "make buildworld" and written to subdirectories
in / get mapped to somewhere like a /usr/root directory where there would
be loads of space? Does anyone have any experience of this sort of
temporary fix working?

Yes, I accept that probably I'll have to back the whole system up, but my
preferred course would be to do this onto CDROM - once I finally arrive at
a FreeBSD version where CDROM mounting works consistently on this machine -
hopefully 4.5

Many thanks for any help.

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