Installation auto folder builder thing. Query on setup of drivers. V4.7

John Murphy jfm at
Thu Dec 26 13:33:08 GMT 2002

"Tom Leaman" <dylmts at> wrote:

>I have recently been trying to install freeBSD release 4.7 onto my =
>I have partitioned off part off a drive especially for it (4879M) I =
>I need to split it up into sections but the on-line help text said if =
>have more than 200M you should just use the automatic setup feature. =
When I=20
>do this it uses all the space (Is this normal.).It then gives me a =
>telling me it couldn't create var/something (sorry it is so vague!) and =
>may not work if I do not have much memory. It fails everytime.

Yes, the disklabel editor would use all the space if you pressed 'a' for
Auto Defaults.  You should then see the partitions laid out similar to:

It sounds like you may have used all the space for the root partition =


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