Installation auto folder builder thing. Query on setup of drivers. V4.7

Tom Leaman dylmts at
Thu Dec 26 11:33:45 GMT 2002

I have recently been trying to install freeBSD release 4.7 onto my computer. 
I have partitioned off part off a drive especially for it (4879M) I realise 
I need to split it up into sections but the on-line help text said if you 
have more than 200M you should just use the automatic setup feature. When I 
do this it uses all the space (Is this normal.).It then gives me a screen 
telling me it couldn't create var/something (sorry it is so vague!) and it 
may not work if I do not have much memory. It fails everytime.

I am by no means an expert and I was hoping someone out there may know what 
I'm doing wrong. Sorry this is a bit vague.


p.s. I am booting with a floppy and installing off a CDRom. anything else 
you will have to ask me about.

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