ep driver and 3COM 3CXEM556B PCMCIA card

Chris Rodgers FreeBSD UK freebsd-uk at rodgers.org.uk
Wed Dec 25 19:06:06 GMT 2002

Hi guys and Happy Christmas!!

I have a 3COM 3CXEM556B PCMCIA network and modem card in my laptop. This
runs fine under Windows 2000. Unfortunately, FreeBSD (4.7-RELEASE) can't
manage to initialise it (pccardd figures out what card it is, but the ep
driver's initialisation fails). (5.0 DP1 didn't manage it either.) Now that
I have some free time, I thought I'd investigate this a bit further.

The card works under NetBSD (I booted the installation from floppy / CD and
ran the network configure). This worked OOTB with no effort at all, and also
uses the ep driver. So, I figure that I need to move the needed code from
the NetBSD ep driver into the FreeBSD one.

Since I've not done any FreeBSD driver development before, I'd appreciate
any pointers to on-line information. I've already found and read the FreeBSD
developer's guide (the stuff in /usr/share/doc/....). That's useful. What I
don't see is any specific documentation of how the PCMCIA stuff works. Can
someone tell me where to find that?

Also, can anyone tell me if it's possible to step through the NetBSD driver
code as I run it from a boot floppy / CD-ROM? I'd like not to have to blow
away my existing FreeBSD/Windows setup if I can get away with it. Similarly,
is there any documentation for NetBSD's PCMCIA API, which seems rather

Any pointers or help would be appreciated!


Chris Rodgers
St John's College

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