sendmail upgrade

Paul Truran paul at
Tue Dec 17 15:33:41 GMT 2002

Hi Guys,

I am currently planning to upgrade my version of sendmail to the latest one, 
in order to make use of the spamassasin mail filtering stuff.  I'm not sure 
what version of sendmail I am running (It will be whichever one ships with 
4.5) and I will be upgrading to whatever version /usr/ports/mail/sendmail 
contains.  Basically, I would like to know how easy this is going to be.  Is 
it just a question of stopping sendmail, installing the port, and starting it 
again?  I have a few config changes that I need to make from the default 
settings, but nothing too major.  I have had a look on the internet for 
upgrade guides, but there appears to be quite a bit of conflicting 
information, as it seems to depend a lot on what versions are involved.  Any 
pointers/advice would be appreciated.  



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