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Mon Dec 16 10:25:11 GMT 2002

In some email I received from "Jon Schneider" <jon at> on
Mon, 16 Dec 2002 10:14:35 -0000 :
> Ugh I had had an hours-long argument and FA311 card a while ago and 
> ultimately told the friend to take it back. He bought it at PC world 
> to make a linux firewall. There was another nastyish (Ne2000 etc.) 
> card already in the machine. I found that dependant on which slot 
> they were in, the order of loading the modules, whether NT had been 
> fired up and the wind direction the the drivers might recognise the 
> wrong card or the right card with the IRQ assigned to the other. Also 
> fired up an OpenBSD boot sloppy to see what it made of it and still 
> had trouble. Horrible. Use it as a shovel or wheel chock or 
> something.

Exactly, now i`m convinced that the cards you`ve purchased are the ones
with the wrong version setting in it, if you flush it, everything should
be alright. Plus it wont work on FreeBSD/Win32/Linux anything. 
Please if you have some time download the version set utility and try
it. It wont hurt, also Netgear is a good card(cheap also), no need to
turn it back if that`s the issue :)

again the url:



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