UG meetings

Ceri Davies setantae at
Fri Dec 13 13:24:04 GMT 2002

On Thu, Dec 12, 2002 at 01:23:29PM +0000, Paul Richards wrote:
> I'm looking to start a user group in Cardiff. I think I've found
> a venue, there's a pub I've been to a few events in that has an
> upstairs room that can be rented for a small amount so we could
> have the best of both worlds, a bar and also a room for a formal
> meeting or installathon.

Where are you thinking of ?

> The first one will probably be in January sometime. Who'd be
> interested in coming? Hopefully Cardiff will be convenient enough
> to cover some of the South West region as well as South Wales.  If
> you're interested can you let me know so I've got an idea of numbers
> and when a good night would be. It'll almost certainly be mid-week,
> maybe Tue or Wed.

I'll come along, obviously, and I can muster up perhaps 2 or 3 people
from my old workplace who'd be interested too.

Fall before weakness!

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