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Lou Kamenov lou.kamenov at
Fri Dec 13 10:45:08 GMT 2002

In some email I received from Mark Blackman <mark at> on Fri,
13 Dec 2002 10:38:42 +0000 :
> I quite like that pub in Belgravia that the London BSD group
> used in it's brief meeting period. It's called the Star Tavern.
> > Star Tavern
> > 6, Belgrave Mews West Belgravia
> > London
> > SW1X 8HT 


> >
> >I'd like to organise regular gatherings for anyone interested in
> >FreeBSD in or around London.  I neither live nor work in London, but
> >it seems like a convenient place for various people to get to.
> >
> >Picking a pseudo-random date, I suggest we hold an informal pub
> >meeting on January 16th (Thursday).  If this is a bad time, let me
> >know.  I hope someone who knows central London better than I do will
> >suggest a good location: if not I'll use my limited knowledge to
> >choose somewhere.

There is a nice pub near Trafalgar Sq. the name is Lord Moon or
something like that i think it should be okay for a big crowd.
Also the date sound reasonable, i`ll be there.

> >Then, some time in February, I suggest we hold a technical meeting.
> >If anyone would like to give a talk of any duration on anything
> >related to FreeBSD, please contact me.  We also need somewhere to
> >meet with suitable facilites.
> >
> >If you'd like to help out in any way, or have any useful advice,
> >contact me off-list.  I'll let everyone know when I have more
> >detailed plans.



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