UG meetings

James james at
Thu Dec 12 20:16:02 GMT 2002

> I'd like to organise regular gatherings for anyone interested in
> FreeBSD in or around London.  I neither live nor work in London, but
> it seems like a convenient place for various people to get to.

To me, that sounds like a good idea :)

> Picking a pseudo-random date, I suggest we hold an informal pub
> meeting on January 16th (Thursday).  If this is a bad time, let me
> know.  I hope someone who knows central London better than I do will
> suggest a good location: if not I'll use my limited knowledge to
> choose somewhere.

However; this is where my email comes in, I think that whoever 'holds' the
meetings etc have it in a common place, or at least discuss with other
members that ARE comming and can make it, where the best place is.

Also mabie a place for younger users such as myself. Tho im not saying the
meetings are for the younger generation, there are some young users of
FreeBSD that I'm sure would like to meet up with another like-wise bunch of
people :)

James Read.

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