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Paul Robinson paul at
Thu Dec 12 16:19:31 GMT 2002

On Thursday 12 December 2002 13:23, Paul Richards wrote:
> I'm looking to start a user group in Cardiff. I think I've found
> a venue, there's a pub I've been to a few events in that has an
> upstairs room that can be rented for a small amount so we could
> have the best of both worlds, a bar and also a room for a formal
> meeting or installathon.

If it's on a Saturday rather than midweek, I'm sure you can expect my usu=
expensive (for me) and mildly flamboyant ("Free beers in the hotel on me!=
arrival at some point in the next few months. I keep on considering Londo=
meets, but I hate London. It's so long since I was last in Cardiff, I=20
probably won't hate it until I realise it's not as good as Manchester. ;-=

> and when a good night would be. It'll almost certainly be mid-week,
> maybe Tue or Wed.

Almost certainly not then. Unless I'm in the area, which I will be in mid=
March for a while (Cheltenham Gold Cup festival, where I expect to be in =
West Country for a week before and a week after, totalling three weeks).

> He seems to have forgotten but Tom Hukins kindly agreed to co-ordinate
> London region UK meetings, I'm sure he's just about to announce
> the next one :-)

He's probably too busy with Jeff, inventing the Internet (I know that jok=
e is=20
two conferences old now, but it *still* makes me laugh).

> With Sam in the Midlands we'll be starting to get a reasonable
> coverage of the UK if we can get London and Cardiff on a more
> regular footing.

If you're referring to Sam Smith, I'm afraid the Midlands is a tad out. W=
both based in Manchester, although I think he mentioned something about g=
to Birmingham for something BSD related a few weeks ago. I'm probably=20
mistaken though. I normally am.

Incidentally, I think Sam is about to send out a reminder, but there is a=
Manchester meet on Tuesday in the Lass O'Gowrie near the BBC. Location:,+36&=

We'll probably go on for food later as well, location currently unknown, =
but a=20
candidate is the Pizza Hut on Oxford Road.

Paul Robinson

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