SSH Confusion

Steven Purdy steve at
Thu Dec 12 16:14:50 GMT 2002

Merry Xmas all:

I've got ssh working with DSA keys on many of my servers but i'm really
struggling with one of them.
Going from inside our NAT'd firewall box from a BSD server I can get to our
live server on the net and it goes straight in.

If I use the Putty keygen DSA key (which works on the other servers)  I get
an error saying:-
Trying public key authentication.
Key is of wrong type (PuTTY SSH2 private key)

Yet if I do sshd -d -p 2222 on the server and then using the same Putty
account, just changing the port number to 2222 I can get in.

I have tried to set sshd_config to be as close as possible to the other
working server.

If someone could find the plot that I have lost, It would be appreciated.


Steve Purdy

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