UG meetings

Paul Richards paul at
Thu Dec 12 13:23:29 GMT 2002

I'm looking to start a user group in Cardiff. I think I've found
a venue, there's a pub I've been to a few events in that has an
upstairs room that can be rented for a small amount so we could
have the best of both worlds, a bar and also a room for a formal
meeting or installathon.

The first one will probably be in January sometime. Who'd be
interested in coming? Hopefully Cardiff will be convenient enough
to cover some of the South West region as well as South Wales.  If
you're interested can you let me know so I've got an idea of numbers
and when a good night would be. It'll almost certainly be mid-week,
maybe Tue or Wed.

He seems to have forgotten but Tom Hukins kindly agreed to co-ordinate
London region UK meetings, I'm sure he's just about to announce
the next one :-)

With Sam in the Midlands we'll be starting to get a reasonable
coverage of the UK if we can get London and Cardiff on a more
regular footing.


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