mouse problem

Michael Pye michael at
Tue Dec 10 10:35:12 GMT 2002

On Tuesday 10 December 2002 05:07, Roshan Harneker wrote:
> id probably be inclined to agree with you, except when i was running 4.=
> stable [before cvsuping to 4.7 stable a few days ago] i didnt ever have
> any hassles with the mouse doing this.

I have the same problem on a desktop system running 4.7-RELENG. I have a =
MS intellimouse explorer, and after a few hours the optical light goes ou=
t on=20
the mouse, as though it's no longer receiving power, and I have to reboot=

Funnily enough, on another desktop system running the same release, with =
a USB=20
MS intellimouse optical (slightly different mouse) the problem doesn't ex=

Michael Pye

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