Wireless LAN recommendation ?

Jonathan Belson jon at witchspace.com
Sun Dec 8 11:47:00 GMT 2002

Pete French wrote:
> This sounds very much like the best bet to me - I just went through
> the ports untility manuals and it seems to have everything I need
> exactly. Having an external unit plugged into the hub is definitely
> the approach I want to take after reading all the various bits and
> pieces.

That's what I do, having paid just 160GBP for a Netgear hub and PCMCIA
card (it was a special offer, but they're even cheaper now).  I went
on to buy a Airport card for my G4 LoungeBrowser(tm) and everything
worked together swimmingly [1].  As someone else pointed out, 802.11b
is amply fast enough to saturate a broadband link [2].

> Still somewhat concered about security, but I guess that something I
> will ahve to live with in a wireless woorld :-)

There are several articles on the WWW descriping how to set up IPSEC
tunnels/transports to overcome the weak security of WEP.  I haven't
found a solution which supports MacOS X, FreeBSD and Windows 2000
yet though (anyone have any suggestions?).

[1] Well, once I'd found out that MacOS X requires a WEP key to be
preceded with a '$'

[2] Although as I store mp3s on my server, I could only upload to my
iPod at 802.11b speeds, rather than FireWire speeds.  The simple
workaround was to store them locally on the G4 harddrive.



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