throttling bandwidth by percentage

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at
Tue Dec 3 11:03:25 GMT 2002

Dummynet can definitely do it, though I can't help with specifics as I
have never done it.  I recall a talk on doing exactly these kinds of
things at the last BSDCon (in Brighton)...


On Tue, 3 Dec 2002, Paul Civati wrote:

> "Robin Garbutt" <rob at> wrote:
> > Is there a way of throttling bandwidth by percentage on a freebsd
> > unit acting as a bridge from an internal network to an adsl router?
> ALTQ can do this, it's a lot more based around classes than IP match
> rules.  Problem is, it's not integrated into the 4.x branch (it's in
> -current I think) so you'd have to find some up to date patches and
> try and integrate them into the kernel sources, a bit tricky.
> -Paul-
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