throttling bandwidth by percentage

Robin Robin
Tue Dec 3 09:21:21 GMT 2002

Is there a way of throttling bandwidth by percentage on a freebsd unit
acting as a bridge from an internal network to an adsl router?

I have it set up (with the above) so that a portion of the ntwork can't
exceed a designated amount of bandwidth (happens to be 1/2 that allocated by
btopenworld) so as not to clog the network for those requireing adsl for
work purposes.  The problem here is that the adsl isn't being used at 100%
all the time, which is a bit of a waste.

Is there a way usinging IPFW, dummy net and a bridge to set it so that the
restricted half of the network can have 100% bandwidth (512k) until the
portion of the network with priority require the bandwidth, and therefore
take priority?


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