exim flush

Paul Civati paul at xciv.org
Mon Dec 2 11:12:17 GMT 2002

"Robin Garbutt" <rob at portfoliodesign.net> wrote:

> I have exim installed as my smtp, however owing to network probles, it has
> about 50 emails sat on it that are frozen.
> Is there a command that will send all of them at once without having to go
> through each one and releaseing it?

RTFM? :)  The exim manual describes all the command line options very well:

-qff   This option operates like -qf and may appear with or without a
       following time. The difference is that any frozen messages are auto-
       matically thawed, and delivery is attempted for them.

So 'sendmail -v -qff' should do the trick.


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