Networking novice needs help

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at
Sun Dec 1 02:14:29 GMT 2002

I'm jumping into this late and didn't read all of the responses, but for
what it is worth...

If you are having arp trouble and especially if it won't light your hub
you may have a cabling issue.  If you made the cables yourself (?) and
didn't use the pairs correctly (i.e. using one half of each pair for
xmit and again for recv) you can have this kind of problem with
cheaper network cards (when more expensive 3com cards, for whatever
reason, can deal with the extra noise fine).

Good luck,


On 30 Nov 2002, Andrew wrote:

> > 
> > It looks like for some reason, that network card can't see the network
> > at all, as you should be getting ARP resolution.
> Yeah, I think it's the card - it's temperamental (I now know) because
> suddenly it won't even light up on my hub. I will replace it. It's a
> miracle that I got my install to work at all!
> Thanks to everyone for helping me out, I've learned a lot (I didn't know
> about arp before now.)
> Maybe it would be good to do a 'Beginner's Networking' thing for the Doc
> Project, with practical examples etc.?
> Best wishes,
> Andrew
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