Creative Webcam (was: Re: USB/Serial adapter)

Johni el kolgao pelli at
Wed Aug 21 10:03:28 BST 2002

On Wed, 21 Aug 2002, Antony T Curtis wrote:

> I have been playing about with an ov511+ based USB webcam and I have
> found that the userland capture program which uses ugen requires many
> attempts to capture one frame... Result is - it can take ages for one
> 320x240 image and near impossible for 640x480.

	Please !! Can you give me the name of the program, or port name; or
	where can i find it ???? :_))))))

> I have kludged a "better" one but results are still poor... I am also
> messing about with a kernel driver (I just have to cope with
> driver-induced panics ;))

	The USB is like PnP (invented by....) --> PnP == Plug and Pray

							/*** mkd ***/


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