ftpd timeout problems

Tom Turrisi Inteleco Ltd tom.turrisi at inteleco.co.uk
Fri Aug 30 17:00:31 BST 2002


I've been having a few problems with an application that uses ftp so i've
written another app that connects to 2 ftp servers one after another and
downloads an identical file.
I used 2 different servers so i could compare results.

Server1 is a Win2000 box running U-Serv ftpd and Server2 is FreeBSD
4.6-RELEASE with the standard ftpd

Server1 failed 4% of the time whilst Server2 failed 34% of the time.

The problem with that is Server2 is my production server!

Each time the test app connects it downloads a 550k file .... the most
common problem is that it only gets N k of the file and then the connection
times out without receiving the rest of the file.

I've ran the test app from boxes with NAT and boxes without NAT and i still
have the same problem.

Does anyone have any ideas why it might be doing this?

Kind Regards

Tom Turrisi
CTO Inteleco Ltd

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