ISA network card trouble...conquered!

Bruce M Simpson bms at
Fri Aug 30 12:17:43 BST 2002

On Fri, Aug 30, 2002 at 11:35:34AM +0100, Andrew Hodgson wrote:
> Just a note to let you know (as if you care) that I managed to sort out my
> problem (second network card not recognised at boot) by booting a Win98
> startup disk and using the utility provided by Intel (Softset2). This
> utility showed me that both cards were on the same IRQ (5), so I just
> changed ex1 to 3, and now it's recognised.

Note that you can change these parameters without recompiling as follows:

wlan:~ % cat /boot/kernel.conf
en pcic1
po pcic1 0x3e2
ir pcic1 0
iom pcic1 0xd4000
f pcic1 0

This particular example tells the kernel to enable the ISA device pcic1,
with a port of 0x3E2. The size of the I/O aperture isn't specified as
we're happy with the default. the 'ir' specifies not to allocate an IRQ
by passing 0. 'iom' specifies that I/O memory exists at address 0xD40000.
'f' specifies not to set any flags for the driver.

The kernel.conf file contains the settings which would normally be
changed using the boot -c option to the kernel (VISUAL_USERCONFIG etc,
the screen used to configure ISA devices when first booting FreeBSD.)


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