Identical network card

juergen.kapfhamer at juergen.kapfhamer at
Fri Aug 30 12:18:36 BST 2002

This brings me to the question about having two identical network cards using different IRQ/address in the same system.
If you need to recompile the kernel in case it does not get picked up automatically, would you specify that in the kernel file e.g. as:

device          ed0     at isa? port 0x280 irq 10 
device          ed1     at isa? port 0x300 irq 11

I'd imagine this would allow to have two identical cards being recognised when rebooting the system running FreeBSD.



Just a note to let you know (as if you care) that I managed to sort out my problem (second network card not recognised at boot) by booting a Win98 startup disk and using the utility provided by Intel (Softset2). This utility showed me that both cards were on the same IRQ (5), so I just changed ex1 to 3, and now it's recognised. Apologies for posting this if it's inappropriate, maybe someone out there can gain from my experience!

Now I can try and set up this firewall....has anyone done this on blueyonder? Any issues?



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