ISA network card trouble...conquered!

Byron Schlemmer freebsd-uk at
Fri Aug 30 12:03:10 BST 2002

On Fri, 30 Aug 2002, Andrew Hodgson wrote:

> Hi,
> Just a note to let you know (as if you care) that I managed to sort out my
> problem (second network card not recognised at boot) by booting a Win98
> startup disk and using the utility provided by Intel (Softset2). This
> utility showed me that both cards were on the same IRQ (5), so I just
> changed ex1 to 3, and now it's recognised.

Excellent! By the way, my satement in my prevoius email was ambigiuous,
I meant that my question might be silly as my advice was wholly obvious.

> Apologies for posting this if it's inappropriate, maybe someone out there
> can gain from my experience!

Nope, its on topic.

> Now I can try and set up this firewall....has anyone done this on
> blueyonder? Any issues?

There is a good piece of documentation in


Let us know if you have any problems.

	- byron

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