Adding a second ISA network card...

George Reid greid at
Thu Aug 29 23:21:32 BST 2002

On Thu, Aug 29, 2002 at 10:12:02PM +0100, Andrew Hodgson wrote:

> I am trying to turn an old 486 (DX2-66, 64M RAM) into a little protector on
> my new broadband line, but the second card I've fitted isn't detected at
> boot. They're both ISA-based Intel Etherexpress Pro 10 cards, the first of
> which is detected fine. They both use the ex driver, and I had previously
> rebuilt the kernel to include just this network driver, along with all the
> requisite firewall/routing options.

[I'm not familiar with the cards, nor do I have time to UTSL]

I have a similar setup with two ed(4) ISA cards, both plug & pray.  The 
easiest solution is to use the manufacturer's DOS utility to set the 
card's parameters (I/O address, IRQ etc) manually and then put these in 
your kernel config file for each card.

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